Why is a Care Assessment Tool Important to the Patient?

iStock_000019540350_Small (1)A Care Assessment Tool is usually a document that is created to determine the type of care and needs that a patient has and allows the provider to determine the best way to meet the needs of the patient. This tool is useful in helping health care providers understand what rehabilitative, curative and preventative care will best help the patient optimize their health. A care assessment tool allows health care providers to understand the range of needs that a patient will best benefit from and if the patient is considering a living facility, it can be used to determine which facility might be best suited to the patients needs.

When taking a care assessment test, it helps to determine what ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) the patient can handle, such as getting up and down from a bed or chair, what needs are required for meal preparation and other types of questions that are good indicators to the health care providers what type of assistance and care is needed. In an assisted living facility, the residents are encouraged to live as independently as possible, yet some patients might need more assistance with ADLs. These are things such as dressing, bathing, medication management, bathing, nutrition, toileting and mobility. Texas assisted living facilities are perfect for people that need just a little help with the day to day, but they don’t require a high degree of medical attention that might be needed if they were in a skilled nursing facility. In assisted living the residents are still encouraged to live an independent lifestyle yet they are able to maintain their privacy, they just need a little help from the staff.

There are various types of living facilities, from independent living, to assisted living to skilled nursing and memory care. The care assessment test helps the patient, family and health providers determine which facility is the best fit for the patient and at Senior Care Centers, we take that assessment one step further by creating individual care plans for each patient. Our facilities also perform Quality of Life rounds and interview our residents and their families to make sure our patients are enjoying the greatest psychosocial, mental and physical well being possible. This allows those that are living with us to have someone special to watch over them so that they have a source of comfort and reassurance, making sure that they are feeling at home. This lets our patients enjoy the freedom of making their own choices and decisions as to the care that we are providing them. We want to foster a nurturing environment that focuses on the individual residents’ quality of life. Much of these needs can be determined by using the Care Assessment tool that the patient completes when they visit our facilities. It also gives their families peace of mind, knowing that Senior Care Center is doing everything possible to make their loved one feel right at home.


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