Why A Social Life Is Beneficial for Seniors At Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living has multiple benefits for seniors, many of which have to do with the availability of care and the elimination of hazards. However, there is one aspect of assisted living that may have a much greater impact on your loved one’s quality of life than anything else: the social atmosphere.assisted living

Humans are social beings to the core, and depriving anyone of a social life can have some profound effects on them. This is why seniors benefit enormously from the strong social atmosphere present at Senior Care Centers. These benefits include the following:

  • Fights loneliness: The most obvious benefit is that a social life prevents loneliness. This is a real issue for many seniors, since the loss of friends and loved ones can leave them feeling very much alone and eventually depressed. An active social life provides friends who are at the same place in life as they are.
  • Ends boredom: A life without work can very quickly become a life of boredom, as many seniors may realize after retirement. A healthy social atmosphere helps prevent boredom. This is important not only because no one really likes being bored, but also because quality of life often goes down as a result of having nothing to do.
  • Prevents dementia: Interaction with others stimulates the mind, which helps keep it alert. In addition, it provides an atmosphere in which other brain-friendly activities may occur, such as playing games, writing, and doing puzzles. This kind of mental exercise, even if it’s only in the form of social interaction, has been shown to fend off dementia and memory loss in older individuals.
  • Wards off depression: With age comes an influx of problems, and with problems comes an overall sense that your quality of life has diminished. For many seniors, this ultimately leads to depression, which can not only make life miserable, but may also increase the odds that other health complications develop. A strong social life prevents depression from settling in.
  • Extends life expectancy: All these elements ultimately mean improved physical and emotional health. Seniors who have a good social life will usually have fewer health issues, find more fulfillment in life, and ultimately live longer.


A good social atmosphere helps people form friendships and improves overall resident wellness. This, along with efforts to preserve as much independence as possible, enable seniors to find fulfillment and emotional wellbeing. At Senior Care Centers, we strive to provide the best environment possible to allow healthy social interaction for our residents.

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