Why a Rehab Center May Be Safer Than Going Straight Home After Surgery

Rehab Center (Small)Senior citizens value independence, and because of that, most people hope to go straight home after a surgery. No one likes to spend nights in a hospital, and many are leery of going to a skilled nursing facility. In some cases, however, this may be necessary. Sometimes, independence must come gradually rather than all at once when recovering from an operation.

Some situations can make it unsafe to go directly home after a surgery. Instances in which going to a rehab center may be safer can result from the following needs and situations:

  • Proper care: Surgery of any kind usually requires a certain amount of care to ensure proper healing and recovery. In the cases of joint surgery or hip replacements, this is especially true. By staying at a skilled nursing rehab center, seniors can get the therapy they need when they need it. If they go home directly after the operation, it may be more difficult to get this therapy, and they may not recover quite so thoroughly.
  • Prepare their home’s environment: In cases where an individual needs special devices for mobility, adjustments to the home may be necessary. The process of installing ramps, stair assistance devices, and so forth can make a home temporarily dangerous for seniors recovering from surgery; especially if they do not have the needed home care available or if they have dementia.
  • Ensure mobility: Before going home, individuals need to be able to safely navigate stairs, get in and out of bed, use the bathroom, and move about the house. In some homes, restricted mobility can be a dangerous factor. Physical therapists can help individuals regain their mobility and develop the ability to perform important tasks, such as climbing stairs, using a walker, or maintaining balance.
  • Dementia: For seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, coming home immediately after surgery may be extremely dangerous. During the recovery process when they are regaining mobility, they may attempt to do things that they are not yet capable of doing alone, such as navigating stairs, getting in and out of bed, and so forth. If it is necessary to make adjustments to the home to accommodate them, this can be even more dangerous if they are present while changes are being made.
  • Surgery complications: If complications arise during surgery, a longer or more involved recovery process may be necessary. This process could require a heavily controlled environment if there are problems with the surgical wound or if infection has taken place.

It is best to determine whether you will need the services of a skilled nursing facility prior to surgery. Even if it seems that you will not need one, it is a good idea to choose one in advance anyway just in case it becomes necessary. When you need a rehab center in Texas, Senior Care Centers offers unsurpassed quality of care and a commitment to maximizing quality of life. If you or a loved one is preparing for surgery, contact us to gain more information about the services and care we provide.

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