What Services Should I Expect to Be Provided by a Long Term Care Facility?

There are many types of long-term care available for senior citizens, and the services Long Term Careprovided ultimately depend on your individual needs. Long term care options include assisted living, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and skilled nursing facilities (SNF). In most cases, you can expect a wide variety of services, including nursing, custodial and medical care, healthy meals, and activity programs.

Medical Care

At the core of long term care is medical care and nursing. In a skilled nursing facility, you have access to specialists who strive to provide the best care possible. This care includes various forms of therapy, ranging from physical therapy to assist healing from an injury to music therapy for those facing dementia, in addition to dispensing medication, giving shots, and providing counseling.

Custodial Care

Assistance with daily tasks, such as getting up, walking, bathing, using the bathroom, taking medications, and eating, are often considered part of custodial care. These can be provided by either licensed nurses or volunteers, depending on the facility. The purpose of this type of care, which is provided 24/7, is to ensure both comfort and safety while at the same time striving to preserve your independence as much as possible.


Naturally, meals are part of long term care. Senior Care Centers provides an Enhanced Dining program that gives you many healthy options to choose from each day. In addition, we provide nutrition education to help you make the right choices for your specific needs. This is part of our comprehensive Strive 2 Thrive wellness program.

Activities and Community

While meals, medical care, and assistance with daily tasks are central to the purposes of long term care, the presence of a healthy community setting is also highly important. People do better when they have neighbors and friends to associate with, and we strive to provide a setting in which friendships can be formed among our residents. This helps our residents find a sense of purpose as they associate with others and participate in activities.

Senior Care Centers

Ideally, your long term care facility should provide a welcoming environment in addition to the medical and custodial care services you need. At Senior Care Centers, we strive to provide such an environment to ease the transition from your own home to a long term care facility. Through licensed staff, highly developed wellness programs, and skilled medical care, we ensure the wellness of each of our residents. To learn more, contact us today.

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