What Is Respite Care?

Respite care for senior citizens is characterized as a short-term stay at a skilled nursing iStock_000027610199_Largefacility. This short-term stay allows for the primary caregiver (child, spouse, etc.) to take some time off for whatever reason.

What happens during a stay under Respite Care?

When a loved one is staying at a skilled nursing facility under respite care, their full needs are taken care of just as if they were at home. If the resident requires any specific accommodations or medical care such as an I.V., the nurses will be able to care for the patient without disrupting the daily routine. The resident will receive meals according to their medical history and needs, will have access to exercise and activity opportunities, and they will be looked after 24/7 by licensed staff to ensure that they are happy and comfortable.

Why use respite care?

Taking care of a loved one full-time can be mentally and physically exhausting. For family members who serve as full-time caregivers, the day-to-day routine can become overwhelming. When a loved one stays at a Senior Care Center for respite care, the caregiver can rest assured that they are taken care of by trained staff who genuinely care for the resident. This peace of mind can help the caregiver return to their daily routine feeling rested and refreshed.

Respite care can be particularly helpful when a senior citizen has experienced an acute care stay at a hospital for an injury, surgery, or sudden illness. After an acute stay, these senior citizens often require additional medical care during the day that their loved ones may not be able to provide. During a short stay at a Senior Care Center, the senior citizen can receive the necessary treatment needed for a speedy recovery so that they may return home in the best possible health.

At Senior Care Centers, we understand the roller coaster of emotions that can accompany the caregiving of a loved one. As with any situation there are good days and there are bad days. During the particularly tough times, let us ease the stress by allowing us at Senior Care Centers to look after your loved one for a short time with the same care, love, and devotion that you pour on to them everyday. When both you and your loved one are rested and feeling well, you will be able to live together in the best possible health and happiness.

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