What Is Independent Living and How Does SCC Administer this Service?

A smiling senior couple sitting on a sofa in a living roomAlso known as retirement homes, senior housing, congregate care housing, or 55+ communities, independent living offers seniors the chance to live freely without the burdens of maintaining a home. The goal is to provide seniors with a safe, friendly environment that still allows them to live life on their own terms.

Definition of Independent Living

Independent living can be defined as housing arrangements designated exclusively for older adults. They are “senior-friendly” homes that account for certain physical limitations common in old age.

Independent living is sort of a step prior to assisted living. You or your loved one may not necessarily need the daily assistance received through assisted living, but would likely benefit from living in a place where the burdens of maintaining a home and minding safety issues are no longer present.

In essence, independent living is a living situation that allows for self-sufficiency in any way possible. At the same time, it provides the kind of atmosphere you or your loved one would need in order to cope with certain physical, emotional, or psychological limitations.

Independent Living Services

Most independent living housing does not provide the kind of medical or assistive services offered by assisted living facilities. However, as senior communities, they often do offer social and community events, wellness programs, assistance with maintenance, and various other amenities to their residents. Senior Care Centers provides a variety of services to seniors through independent living communities.

Senior Care Centers Approach

Senior Care Centers provides housing arrangements that allow seniors to live as independently as possible while also helping out with any needs they might have. Independent housing amenities include:

• Meals
• Utilities paid
• Satellite TV
• Free laundry
• Housekeeping
• Social events
• Daily check-ins
• Wellness programs with registered nurses
• Pet-friendly environment

At Senior Care Centers, our goal is to provide for the physical, emotional, and mental wellness of our residents, thus affording them the highest quality of life possible. To learn more, contact us today.

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