Visits Senior Care Centers Park Bend Health Center – Meets with Local Caregivers and Residents on the Quality of Long Term Care

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August 12, 2016                                                                                                                                                                    410-212-3843

Texas Nursing Home Providers Speak to Challenges in Nursing Home Care as Aging Population Rapidly Increases Across State

Austin, TX –  State Representative Celia Israel, D-50, visited Senior Care Centers Park Bend Health Center skilled nursing facility in Austin today to see firsthand the latest care strategies in long term care and how direct caregivers are able to increase health outcomes and the quality of life for Texas seniors.

“The most recent population data indicates that 3.2 million Texans are currently over the age of 65 – a number that is expected to grow to 7.5 million by 2040.  Similarly, the percentage of people ages 85 and older is expected to double over the same span,” noted Sean Phillips, Administrator for Park Bend.  “Meeting with our state lawmakers and showing them firsthand the quality of care we provide as well as discussing the challenges long term care providers face with an influx of elderly residents in the future, is the first step to ensuring the very best care for Texas seniors.”

 Park Bend is a Senior Care Centers nursing facility that promotes personalized nursing care in addition to medical and rehabilitation treatments. Providing meaningful activities for residents designed to stimulate the mind and strengthen the body and delivering consistent, compassionate care targeted to improved health and quality of life is the ongoing mission at Park Bend.

“Care for our Texas seniors is an integral part of the state’s health care continuum,” said Israel. “Health care policy must facilitate providers in maintaining high quality care and preparing for the future with a growing aging population.” 

Phillips added, It is critical that Texas long term care providers and state leaders work together to create stability in the long term care sector and we appreciate Rep. Israel taking the time today to see our facility and meet with the heart and soul of our nursing home – our caregivers and residents.”

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