Variety of Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled Nursing 2The goal of a skilled nursing facility is to help individuals regain or retain as much of their independence as possible. In some cases, residents might come in for only a few days and leave fully prepared to cope with life as usual. In others, more extended care may be needed. At certain times, the need for skilled nursing services may be to give current caretakers a rest, or even to ensure that a loved one is kept at ease during the waning months of his or her life.

Whatever the type of care provided, the need for high quality service is the same. Each individual should be treated with the best care possible in order to be able to regain their ability to function in everyday life. The type of service provided depends on the individual’s circumstances.


Operations and diseases can leave an individual with temporarily limited ability. This will require either short-term or long-term rehabilitation, depending on the severity of the issue or treatment. Various types of rehabilitation serve a variety of purposes, and can cover anything from regaining the ability to walk around to relearning how to speak.

Senior Care Centers offers speech, physical, and even occupational therapy to our residents using the most advanced techniques available. Personalized therapy treatment programs are tailor-made to each resident utilizing an interdisciplinary approach—each aspect of the program is designed by specialists in that field. This gives our residents the best chances possible for maximum recovery.

Hospice Care

When everything has been done that can be done, and further treatments would only serve to accentuate an individual’s suffering, hospice care is often the course that should be taken. While many regard hospice care as “giving up,” it is the furthest thing from it. It is merely a way to allow loved ones to live out the remainder of their days as comfortably as possible. Skilled professionals help make this time the best it can be for residents of hospices with the latest treatments available, thus allowing each resident to find the closure they need for their lives.

Respite Care

Caring for a loved one is taxing to family members, so at times, respite care becomes necessary. The purpose of respite care—in which a skilled nursing service temporarily takes over the care of an individual—is to give the primary caretaker a chance to rest from their responsibilities. This can be especially helpful for caretakers who are family members as it allows the difficulties of daily care to fade away for a while, reducing stress for them and other family members.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Senior Care Centers’ Abri Memory Care Center provides the ideal place for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia to receive the daily care they need. Each nursing professional is given extensive training to allow them to treat each resident with the individual care they need.

When considering skilled nursing services for yourself or a loved one, Senior Care Centers affords you the peace of mind you need by bringing genuine care and advanced treatments together for high quality service.

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