Transitioning Couples into Senior Living

Seniors Drinking Tea (Small)More people over the age of 60 are in cohabitating relationships now than ever before.  For senior couples, the question of where and how to live become complicated by different rates of aging and healthcare needs.  Often one individual will take on the role of caregiver for the other.  This can result in excess strain upon the caregiving individual, whose health may also begin to decline under physical and emotional stress.  If this has become the case for you or your loved ones, it may be time to consider a senior living facility.

Although the majority of residents of assisted living facilities enter as individuals, most of these facilities cater to couples as well.  The transition for couples into assisted living is very different than that of individuals.  When moving from a private residence to an assisted living facility, couples will present individual as well as shared needs.  It’s important to consider all of these needs when finding the best living situation for senior couples.

Finding the right senior living facility for couples with differing health and assistance needs can be a tricky balancing act.  Often choosing a facility with enough personal and medical care for the ailing individual can make the healthier one feel out of place.  On the other hand, selecting a facility that offers enough independence to satisfy the healthier of the two can place that individual back in the role of caregiver.

It is important to look into the amenities and care offered by each assisted living facility you are considering.  Finding the right living situation for aging couples often means sacrifice and compromise; however, with research and cooperation, you can find a facility that offers a balance of health, social, and emotional care that will satisfy the needs of both individuals.

Researching the amenities of senior living facilities is not the only aspect of effective preparation for a change in living situations for aging couples.  It is also important to be realistic about the changes that come with the new space and the social and emotional effects they may have.  Although senior care facilities are becoming more and more accustomed to accommodating couples, most are still designed with single occupants in mind.

A lot of changes come with moving to a community living environment.  Although a couple may have their own space, the regulation and monitoring of everyday life that allows senior living facilities to offer appropriate care can make it difficult for couples to find the privacy they are accustomed to.  This makes it important to be realistic about the changes to come when entering a senior living facility.  Being aware and open about the differences between a private residence and an assisted living facility will make the transition a little easier for both individuals.

At Senior Care Centers, we believe that couples who have spent their lives together shouldn’t have to give that up with age.  If you or your loved ones are looking for a senior living facility to meet the individual and shared needs of a couple, contact Senior Care Centers today.

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