The Election and Health Care for Texas Nursing Homes

How will future legislation affect funding for nursing and rehabilitation centers in Texas?

While we can’t know for sure how this year’s election will impact America’s health care program in the long run, it’s safe to say that, in light of the current federal budget situation, the president will have to make tough funding decisions that will impact the entire healthcare community, including at the state level for Texas nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

For more than a decade, funding for Texas’ Medicaid nursing home patient care has fallen significantly short of the actual costs of taking care of Medicaid residents. According to a press release by the Texas Health Care Association (THCA), Texas nursing homes are now shouldering a nearly $1 billion underpayment burden due to state government underfunding of nursing facility Medicaid reimbursement rates.

Even more so, because of the budgetary chaos in Washington, supporters of senior care in Texas are working with state legislators to address health care funding issues when the legislature convenes in January 2013.

As the legislative session approaches, THCA President Tim Graves believes the budgetary chaos in Washington will likely lead to more Medicare cuts in January. With 80 to 85 percent of Texas nursing home patients dependent upon either Medicaid or Medicare funding (or both) for health care, our lawmakers need to recognize that a top priority must be to fix this unsustainable funding shortfall.

As passionate professionals who treasure our residents like family, Senior Care Centers believes Texas seniors deserve nothing less.

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