The Senior Care Leadership Team Strives to Feel Better to Lead Better

With the summer just heating up, the leadership of teams of Senior Care Centers and Senior Rehab Solutions are embarking on a 12-week wellness journey together. This journey is a very important one as they look to demonstrate the leadership’s commitment to wellness. With wellness now being a core value of the company, the leadership wishes to show everyone that they are jumping in to take part. Starting next week on each Friday, this blog will be an opportunity to share in this journey with our President and CEO Mark McKenzie as he shares his journey.

This 12-week wellness journey is taking the leaders through a thorough and holistic program that addresses four main areas: Education, Mobility, Cardiovascular Exercise, and Nutrition. Each week, the participating leaders will have educational articles that they will have to read and pass a quiz on. They will have to find time in their busy schedules to complete three mobility workouts and complete a weekly cardiovascular exercise goal. Finally, they will have to plan and track all of their food choices. Combined, these four areas will give each participant a weekly score which will be sent out for all to see through our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

So who is participating? Check out the teams below:

Team Mark Team Andrew Team Mike
Mark McKenzie Andrew Kerr Mike Brandley
Brandon Tappan Lori Strubbe Beth McCarty
Steve Shotts Lonnie Hoffpauir Angi Hart
Patrick Robison Judy Waffle Freda Mowad
Charles Goady Sheryl Aderholt
DJ Stapleton Judy Garrett

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