The Importance of the Four Pillar Approach

As human beings, we are not strictly physical or logical or social beings, but all of these and more combined. Every human being is complex, with multiple individual needs and desires. Therefore, in order to achieve true wellness, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and mental health all need to be considered. Otherwise, if any of these are neglected, an imbalance can result and prevent an individual from having a sense of true well-being.

The Pillars

Unfortunately, many senior care facilities seem to either miss this point or will acknowledge it only superficially. At Senior Care Centers, on the other hand, we believe that holistic care plans are vital to our residents’ well-being. For this reason, we take a four pillar approach to our Strive 2 Thrive wellness program. The four pillars are:

  • Body: Physical health is key to overall wellness. Proper exercise and nutrition not only increase strength and endurance, but can also help ward off mental illnesses such as depression. We promote daily activity and exercise, individually designed physical therapy, and nutritional education as we care for our residents.
  • Mind: We provide opportunities to our residents to develop new hobbies and interests through various activities. We also promote technology usage, such as through using the internet to create “this day in history” presentations.
  • Spirit: At Senior Care Centers, we want our residents to have a sense of purpose within their community. We allow them to pursue spiritual and religious activities that meet their own specific needs.
  • Social interaction: No one should feel alone or isolated, so we strongly encourage family members and friends of all ages to visit our residents. Interaction with community members, schools, churches, and so forth is also welcome. As they build relationships both inside and outside our communities, our residents are able to maintain and even improve emotional and mental health.

Within our wellness program, we create activities designed to produce specific outcomes within each of these four areas. We believe that this is the best way to help our residents thrive within our communities as they maintain physical independence, bodily and emotional health, and social and spiritual fulfillment.


In many cases, these needs can be met through very simple means. During the 12 week pilot program we conducted in 2012 for Strive 2 Thrive, we found that simple exercises using inexpensive equipment was sufficient to help those who participated maintain or improve their levels of independence.

Our Strive 2 Thrive program, which incorporates our four pillar approach to wellness, involves regular simple exercises in a group setting. This not only helps our residents get needed physical activity, but also brings everyone together and provides an opportunity to have fun as a group. This helps our communities feel more much like a home than a prison.

With our commitment to helping your loved ones live as comfortably and independently as possible while providing the best care available, our communities are worth your consideration when looking for long-term care. In order to learn more about our four pillar approach, our Strive 2 Thrive wellness program, or our other services, contact Senior Care Centers today.

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