The Benefits of Having a Resident Council

Elderly Group (Small)Upon entering a nursing home or assisted care facility, new residents have a number of fears and concerns. Will I be treated well? Are the facilities up to par? What about my independence? For some, being admitted to a senior care center might be interpreted as a loss of their freedom, and thus the end of their independent lives as they know it.

At Senior Care Centers, we have high standards for the way residents are treated and cared for. Many of these standards have a basis in federal law, while others are founded more on our genuine care for our residents. One of the ways we aid our residents is through encouraging resident councils.

In a resident council, residents have an opportunity to discuss issues and make their concerns known. At Senior Care Centers, these councils are resident-led, with a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each month, they discuss important issues, including the performance of each department, resident rights, activities, and even meals for the month. Other issues are also brought forward, such as those in connection with reports from the Abuse Prevention Coordinator.

These councils have a variety of benefits for residents, such as allowing them to have a voice in the goings-on of the facility and soothing their fears.

  • Unified voice: It can be scary for anyone to speak out alone on important issues. When you are dependent upon someone else for your care, that fear only increases. Resident councils provide seniors with the opportunity to discuss matters in a group. This allows them to be heard by the faculty without fear of individual retribution or reprisal.
  • Improved communication: By meeting as a group, residents have the opportunity to bring matters forward promptly. Not only does this help resolve problems quickly, it also fosters a general atmosphere of communication. When communication is open, people are more relaxed and secure, and emotional health is improved.
  • Shared burdens: Not only do resident councils have benefits for the residents themselves, but it also helps the staff within the facility. Developing ideas for activities, meals, and solutions to problems is much easier when more minds are involved, so these councils help take some of the burden from the busy staff.
  • Independence and responsibility: As residents share in some of the responsibilities of the staff, it allows them to have a greater sense of independence and meaning while within a skilled nursing facility. They are able to have an impact on their environment in a very real way, thus giving them a certain amount of control over their lives.
  • Build friendships: When people meet together, friendships have an opportunity to take root and grow. In addition to activities and meal times, resident councils are another opportunity for seniors to get to know one another and participate in something meaningful together.

Our nurses and staff are committed to providing the best living experience possible to our residents, and part of that is encouraging resident councils. In order to learn more about the environment Senior Care Centers provides for your loved one, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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