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Healthcare is always a hot topic for any presidential nominee. With the 2012 presidential election quickly approaching, we want to give an overview of both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s positions on healthcare as it will impact any of our current or future residents here at Senior Care Centers.

Barack Obama’s Stand:

Healthcare reform was one of the central focuses of Obama’s 2008 campaign, and was one of his top accomplishments during his term in office. Along with a Democrat-dominated Congress, Obama was able to pass his Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 into law, introducing a comprehensive reform to national health care.

The Obama-Biden Ticket:

The Obama-Biden proposal pledges to create a better future for every American by providing affordable, accessible healthcare for all. Under this plan, Americans will be able to make better health care decisions with their doctors than ever before. They’ve also proposed to strengthen employer coverage as well as to ensure the patient’s doctor of choice and care without interference by the government.

Mitt Romney’s Stand:

Healthcare is a more complicated issue for Governor Romney. Romney has repeatedly stated that his presidency would mean an immediate end to Obama’s Affordable Care Act. However, after several presidential debates, almost every American views his own heath care legislation in Massachusetts as the progenitor to Obama’s healthcare Act. Romney has claimed that his health care reform, which was signed into law in Massachusetts, was merely a state-level solution, and that he does not support a similar solution when it comes to national healthcare. In the end though, Romney believes in universal healthcare, but wants to leave implementation at the state level.

The Romney-Ryan Ticket:

The Romney-Ryan proposal pledges to restore leadership by “returning states to their proper place in charge of regulating local insurance markets.” Upon his inauguration, Romney will issue an executive order to issue Obamacare waivers across the nation and, then, will work to repeal the full extent of its legislation as quickly as possible. In restoring state leadership and flexibility, here are a few of the points included in Romney’s plans: block grant Medicaid and other payments to states, limit federal standards and requirements on both private insurance and Medicaid coverage, and ensure flexibility to help the uninsured.

This is only a brief overview on both Obama and Romney’s position on healthcare. For a more in-depth overview on the upcoming election and healthcare, be sure to check back next week as we dive deeper into each candidate’s plans for the future of U.S. healthcare.

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