Spread the Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a mixed bag of emotions for many adults, so creating a reminder of love and joy for your favorite senior citizen can help bring a smile to their face. This article contains some whimsical ideas to help you spread the love this Valentine’s Day.

  • Have a Party!: Have a group of friends gather for lunch or early evening snacks and host a Valentine’s party. Wear red and even set up a white elephant gift exchange or another game to keep the environment light and whimsical.
  • Exchange Valentine’s Cards: In grade school, kids make or buy Valentine’s Day cards for each other, but older adults will get a kick out of creating a Valentine’s box and exchanging cards too. Seniors can have fun decorating their box with themes that might throw them back to childhood.
  • Coordinate a “Secret Cupid”: Words of encouragement are precious, so arranging a secret cupid exchange where seniors and the friends or family can exchange cards of gratitude for each other can mean so much.
  • Honor Lost Loves: If an older adult has lost their partner, give them space to remember that lost loved one and honor the memories.  If they prefer to keep those memories sacred, respect that space too and just make it a special day with their loved ones and friends.
  • Treat Yourself: Have a baking or cookie decorating contest. You don’t have to be a true baker to do this either. Get some premade cookies and frosting kit at the grocery story, and you can challenge a group of seniors to decorate their cookie in a particular theme then vote.

More than anything, this holiday can help give a purpose to senior citizens who otherwise may feel left out of a celebratory day of love. Help them connect with life’s little joys to give them a sense of purpose and belonging. Above all, remember that each day is precious, and we can do our small part to let them know we care about them.

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