Skilled Nursing

iStock_000014371972SmallThe definition of skilled nursing is “a type of nursing that offers long or short term care for people that need rehabilitation or suffer from serious health issues.” Certified Nursing Assistants, (CNAs), Licensed Practical Nurses, (LPNs), Licensed Vocation Nurses, (LVNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) are all good candidates to work as skilled care nurses.Skilled Nursing facilities are generally made up of a team of specialist including the nurses, medical directors, therapists, social workers, nutritionist and activity professionals. This team provides their patient with the skilled nursing that they need for the duration of their time at the facility.

A Certified Nursing Assistant always works under the direction and oversight of an LVN, LPN or RN. You can earn a CNA certification by taking online courses, courses at a local community college or even through the Red Cross. Some CNAs are trained while on the job, but all certified CNAs are required to have 75 hours of supervised and hands on training that are approved by the state. CNAs must also take and pass the Nurse Aid Competency exam.

LVN and LPN programs take approximately a year to complete. These programs are generally the fastest path to a nursing degree. The classes are usually taken at a community college or vocational school and many of the courses can be taken online. The required training can be done at a local hospital and once completed; the nurse will have the necessary skills for an entry level nursing position. After taking the nursing exam administered by the state, the nurse will be a certified LVN/LPN.

To become a registered nurse (RN) an Associate’s Degree in Nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is required. RNs are able to cover the day to day work duties of a nurse, which are basic health assessments, healthcare principles and patient care. ADNs are equipped to work in the field but if the nurse wants to advance to the next level in their profession, they would need to continue their education to obtain a BSN degree.

At Senior Care Center, we offer a professional program for our residents that allow us to provide for their medical, emotional, physical and psychological requirements. Our Skilled Nursing team offers our residents the highest quality of care while fulfilling the policies and standards required by the Administrator. We have a robust work ethic and are passionate in our desire to provide superior healthcare for our residents. Our Skilled Nursing team is compassionate and dedicated to our residents. The overall well being of our residents is a daily priority, a priority that we address with education, training and a desire to continually provide a superior level of health care to our residents at Senior Care Centers.

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