Signs When an Individual Might Need Assisted Living

Senior Females Chatting 2The process of aging creates many changes in a person’s life and there is a time for planning how one is going to adapt to the changes. The more research and planning for the future that you do for you or a loved one, the better equipped you will be to understand the various options that are available in senior housing options.There are many choices available to senior living which will allow for care, yet maintain dignity and independence. There are retirement communities, assisted living facilities, independent living, and rehabilitation facilities. The more you know about each type of facility, the better you are able to plan for the future of your parent(s) or loved one.

There are two types of assisted living facilities in the state of Texas. Type A facility requires the resident to be able to move freely about the facility without any assistance. Type B facility allows the resident whom might need some assistance to get around. Within these two types of assisted living facilities, there are the small facilities which have 16 or less residents and there are the large facilities that have 17 or more residents. Once you and your loved one decide on which type facility works best for them, then you can decide on the size of facility that would make you and your loved one feel more comfortable.

Determining whether or not your loved one is in need for assisted living really comes down to deciding if your parent(s) or loved one can safely live on their own. Have you notice your loved one feeling upset about not being able to do their day to day activities? Perhaps you noticed that they are not taking as good of care of their home or themselves. If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, it is a good time to have a conversation about ways in which they can continue to live in a lifestyle which they are accustom to and what might make them feel better. As their loved one, it is important to remind them that this time of transition does not mean they are losing their independence; it means they are in a position to choose a lifestyle that will give them more independence.

If your parent(s) or loved one is currently living independently or in a retirement community and they find that small day to day tasks have become more difficult to manage, such as cooking, shopping, bathing and other basic necessities, an assisted living community might be the home for them. Maybe they don’t feel safe living completely alone or they forget to take their medication, but they still want to maintain as much independence as possible, an assisted living facility is probably the next best step for them.

Sometimes it is difficult to deal with the feelings that a loved one is losing their independence, but if you can encourage them to accept some assistance, it may allow them to maintain their independence for a longer period of time. A good assisted living facility will promote their residents staying active and encourage them to create new relationships while maintaining their relationships with their friends and family.

Your parent(s) or loved one may not need constant around the clock care, but an assisted living facility has around the clock services available if they are needed which lets you and your loved one feel secure in their environment. The staff at the Assisted Living Facility at Senior Care Centers strongly encourages the independence of our residents for as long as possible, while promoting healthy life style choices and encouraging friendships with other residents.  Our facility will personalize a plan for each resident that meets their specific needs while encouraging the residents to do what they can on their own. Senior Care Centers Assisted Living program is passionate about protecting and promoting independent and joyful living for as long as possible.

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