Seniors Helping Seniors

A well-run senior care facility will provide for every aspect of its residents’ needs, including istock_86311573_medium-2physical, mental, emotional, and social needs. The social aspect of an assisted living or skilled nursing facility is as vital as the quality of medical care, physical safety measures, and nutritional services it provides.

When a strong social atmosphere is present, seniors get help from not only their caretakers and families, but also from other seniors. This situation of seniors helping seniors is important to maintaining emotional, psychological, and even physical health.

Social Support

Everyone needs to have friends who understand them. A strong social atmosphere at a senior care center makes this possible. Residents are able to associate with people who are going through the same challenges as they are, and that way they make friends and form bonds that sustain them emotionally.

This type of support helps fight off loneliness and depression, both of which are common ailments of old age. This improves overall mental health, and it can even extend life expectancy.

Physical Health

Emotional and physical health are directly linked. If you’re depressed, taking care of yourself is much more difficult, your immune system is weakened, and your overall physical health diminishes. Taking care of your emotional and social needs is vital to maintaining good physical health, preventing disease, and living longer with more physical autonomy.

When seniors help seniors, they support each other, ward off depression, and maintain better physical health.

Creating the Right Environment

The key to letting seniors help seniors is to create the right kind of environment. Seniors should be given plenty of opportunities to associate with each other, whether that means working together in an activity, talking at dinner, exercising together, or enjoying entertainment.

Connection with the community is also important (not all seniors are in assisted living facilities, after all). Older adults throughout the community can help one another through their challenges. Senior Care Centers is committed to giving our residents access to community and family support as well as internal social interaction. Contact us today for more information on resident wellness programs available at our facilities.

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