Senior Care Living

At Senior Care Centers, our staff is dedicated to providing premier clinical and personal care with compassion and kindness. By choosing Senior Care Living, not only will you be providing your loved one with access to a skilled nursing facility and a variety of leading medical services, but also a comprehensive community.

Assisted Living 2Senior Care Center staff recognizes that all of our residents come with a unique set of circumstances; we offer Individual Care Plans. Within 72 hours, our knowledgeable and compassionate staff, teamed with a Quality of Life Specialist, will develop a unique plan of care to ensure your loved one receives the proper care and attention for their needs and preferences. We are committed to assuring that your loved one receives this care and support and is finding their place in the Senior Care Centers community.

We provide three types of living facilities to accommodate for every individual situation and ensure the proper fit for you or your loved ones. These include Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. In Skilled Nursing Facilities, we provide an environment for short-term rehabilitation or long-term nursing supervision. This facility is ideal for those who require around the clock care, due to health issues or disabilities, or those who are in need of a safe and comfortable place to recuperate from a hospital stay or medical procedure.

Our Assisted Living Facilities provide a median between living independently and our Skilled Nursing Facilities. This living environment is perfect for your loved one who is no longer able to live on their own, but does not require the extensive medical attention of those in a Skilled Nursing Facility. With individual apartments, weekly housekeeping and laundry services, access to local transportation, and a restaurant-style dining room, your loved one will be able to maintain a high level of independence with the trained medical and personal support available when necessary.

Our Memory Care Center provides a safe home for those with Alzheimers or dementia. We recognize that memory loss affects each individual in a different way. Therefore, our memory care staff members are trained and dedicated to provide your loved one with the individualized care to create a comfortable, yet stimulating home. We provide a devoted team, consisting of nurses, therapists, and physicians, who work together to develop an individual course of care for your loved one. With our dedication to getting to know our residents and providing them with unique and comprehensive care, we can ensure your loved one will have a place to feel safe and secure in order to regain their confidence and sense of independence.

With a variety of payment options and excellent resources and facilities, you can be sure that with Senior Care Centers, your loved one will receive all the comforts of home and the care and support they need.

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