Senior Care Centers Wellness Program Week 4 Spotlight from CEO Mark McKenzie

Wow, it is the completion of the fourth week of the Wellness Challenge; I must admit 8 more weeks seems so far in the future. The excitement of weeks one and two slowly turned into the reality that I was not in the physical condition that I thought I was in as weeks three and four came to completion. That said, I have been able to look back over the first four weeks and be proud of the subtle changes I was able to implement as I focused on my goals.

Week 3 Results

First, to ensure that I had the 30-45 minutes of exercise 3 to 4 times a week I simply decided to retool my morning routine. Instead of arriving at the office at 6:00am, I drive directly to the gym for cardio (my mortal enemy) or a weight work out. I am still back at the office by 7:45am and have found my attitude improved and work production has not suffered. Secondly, in order to stay off the couch, I picked up tennis so I could spend time with my wife. Oddly enough, I have found out that I enjoy it, though you would not pick me to be your partner. Finally, paying attention to what I have eaten has had the most profound impact on my progress thus far. Simply recognizing what you eat and the frequency has enabled me to realize that I ate far more junk food than I ever realized. Tracking your own intake would be my biggest suggestion to every team member regardless of activity level. It just takes a little time and patience to make it a habit but it is something we can all do.

As we wrap up the first third of the competition I must say how proud I am of my other colleagues. Everyone has stayed focused and continued to implement subtle changes in an effort to become more health aware. I wish them the best as we start our 5th week; they are making great changes in their health. Oh, I almost forgot go TEAM Mark!

Mark McKenzie


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