Senior Care Centers Wellness Program Week 2 Spotlight from CEO Mark McKenzie

These past two weeks have been good for me. I have been consistent in my healthy lifestyle choices. I have picked up tennis as a fun and active hobby on the weekends that gives me the opportunity to get some quality physical activity and enjoy time with my wife and family. As you see from my individual progress from last week (see below), I am making some good strides toward reaching my goals that I set. Keeping those goals ever present in my mind is the key for me to remain disciplined and focused. Without setting those goals, I tend to lose focus and motivation which leads me to giving up.

This week, somebody asked me how I was doing so well in regards to how many calories I was burning (I burned over 1000 calories in one workout). I could tell that they felt like they would not be able to do something like that. I had to remind them that I was able to get my heart rate up and burn a lot of calories because of how far out of shape I am in. The greater “in shape” that you are, the harder it is to get your heart rate up and burn calories. This I believe, was a great reminder and encouragement to not compare ourselves with those around us. We are all different and have issues and limitations that are unique to us.

Week 1 Results for Senior Care Centers' Leadership team.

Week 1 Results for Senior Care Centers’ Leadership team.

Therefore, I would encourage each of you to do what you can towards your goals. Make some healthy, lifestyle choices, stay focused on those goals and do not compare yourself to others. Making small, healthy lifestyle changes over time can yield some fantastic results and hopefully help you reach your goals.

Staying Focused on My Goals,


Mark McKenzie


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