Senior Care Centers Wellness Program Spotlight: President & CEO Mark McKenzie

In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle at Senior Care Centers, the Leadership Team is demonstrating our dedication by going through a tough 12-week program that encompasses exercise, mobility, nutrition, education and weekly coaching. As the President of this great organization, I invite you to view my journey.

Through this blog each week, I will be sharing with you my experience as I struggle with a lot of those same obstacles that you face when making lifestyle decisions. I will also be sharing some personal health information so you can hold me accountable, as well.

Making lifestyle changes can be difficult. There are so many things in life that fight against us all as we try to make these subtle changes that will help us maintain or improve our health. Time and travel are some of those obstacles that we face on a daily basis. This week, I was traveling and committed to waking up at 5:30am to fit in my exercise. This was difficult and I had those moments when I simply wanted to hit the snooze button and catch an additional 30 minutes of sleep (or do something besides my exercise routine). But through my Health Profile assessment and my annual physical, I understand some areas that need to change in order for me to maximize my health. Plus, I know that when I am consistently making healthy choices with exercise and nutrition, I feel better throughout the day and as a result am able to lead better.

Here are some of my results from the pre-program Health Profile as well as some goals:

  • Chronological Age: 49
  • BodyAge (according to health risks tested): 46
  • Weight: 225lbs
  • Long-term Weight Loss Goal: 36lbs
  • 12-week Program Goal: 15lbs

Along with my Friday blog, you will see a participation report of each of the Leadership Team members who are participating. To follow everyone’s progress, go Like Senior Care Center’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and follow us on Twitter!

In the Battle for Good Health,

Mark McKenzie


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