Senior Care Centers Resident Wellness Program

Enjoying a strength workoutAt Senior Care Centers, we encourage our residents to exercise their mind, body, and spirit; in any capacity they are able to do so. Physical, mental, spiritual, and social stimulation has proven to be a natural defense for depression, as well as other medical conditions. Our Strive 2 Thrive Resident Wellness Program gives our residents a community, through which they receive the support and camaraderie to remain active, happy, and healthy.

Our Strive 2 Thrive Resident Wellness Program emphasizes focusing on exercising the body, mind, social interaction, and spirit in order to optimize and extend the abilities that facilitate independent living. We emphasize the importance of keeping the body active to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. Our trained experts develop comprehensive and integrated plan of physical activity and nutritional eating. This helps keep our residents healthy and able to perform every day tasks with as much independence as possible. In 2012, over a 12-week period, pilot programs showed that engaging in movement activity three times a week helped residents retain and even improve their ability to perform everyday tasks. Similarly, we promote the adoption of various hobbies that create opportunities for mental stimulation, such as implementing technology into every day activities in order to keep our residents up to date and encourage daily learning. Cultivating the capacities of the body and the mind on an everyday basis is crucial in allowing our residents to remain as self-reliant as possible.

At Senior Care Centers, the sense of community is one of the most important aspects of our facilities. One way that we bolster this philosophy is by incorporating spiritual and religious activities within our communities. We encourage residents to remain as involved as they would like with spiritual life and promote religious diversity and cooperation. We also stress the importance of social interaction to help residents feel actively included and understand their place within our community. Social stimulation is boasted, both inside our facilities and outside in our communities, by growing a social atmosphere between our patients, residents, and faculty. By advocating for frequent family and community member visits, we create meaningful relationships with various community organizations that keep our residents sharp and socially active.

Activities that bolster all four of these resident wellness pillars are integrated into everyday life in Senior Care Centers. In choosing Senior Care Centers, not only does your loved one have a safe and comfortable place to live, but also a bustling community to grow within. Our facilities present a strong culture of lifelong wellness. Senior Care Centers is not a place for your loved one to stay, but a place for them to live life as actively and ambitiously as possible.

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