Selecting the Right Type of Facility for Your Parent

Nursing Home - SWhen the day comes that your parent needs special long-term treatment, you will find yourself in a difficult position. Deciding which facility is right for your mother or father can be difficult, but being informed about the different options available can help tremendously.

First, a few general pointers to follow before making a decision:

  • Respect your parent’s wishes
  • Keep in touch with your parents, since wishes may change
  • Be aware of your parent’s financial situation
  • Be sensitive as well as open when discussing options and issues

Once you have determined the needs and wishes of your parent, it is time to look into the different types of facilities offered. Senior Care Center offers various options for your loved one, including:

  • Skilled nursing: If your parent is no longer able to perform common daily tasks (getting dressed, bathing, walking around) and is in need of constant medical care, then a skilled nursing facility will provide for his or her needs. These facilities provide 24/7 nursing, with services including physical therapy, wound care, post-surgical stabilization, and rehabilitative services.
  • Assisted living: Unlike skilled nursing facilities, assisted living does not involve medical care. This is a good option for individuals in need of assistance with daily tasks, but who do not need medical services.
  • Independent living: For individuals who don’t want to worry about maintaining a home or the possibility of safety hazards, but who don’t necessarily need constant assistance, can opt for independent living. This is essentially like living in a retirement home with a great community and social atmosphere.
  • Memory care: Dementia and Alzheimer’s can make life both difficult and risky for a parent living with it, so special care is needed. Our Abri Memory Care Units provide the safe atmosphere your parent needs to live with security and dignity.
  • Hospice and palliative care: If all curative treatment options have been exhausted, the priority becomes one of making an individual as comfortable as possible. This is the purpose of hospice care.

Each option provides for a specific set of needs, so determining exactly what your parent’s needs are is crucial. Making a list can help tremendously. Ask:

  • Is my parent able to perform basic tasks of daily living?
  • Does my parent have memory loss or dementia?
  • What medications does my parent need? Is he/she able to meet those needs independently?
  • What dangers are present in my parent’s current living situation?
  • Is medical care an issue? How frequently will it be needed?

To help in your decision, contact Senior Care Centers. We provide the best possible care to your parent with special attention to individual needs.

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