Seeing Your Parents’ Situation Change Drastically

Parent with Flowers - SAll your life, they’ve been there for you. They helped you through your first steps and raised you into adulthood. Now, many years and some health issues later, they are in need of your help. Suddenly having a parent’s plight on your plate can be stressful, especially since it can mean having to make difficult decisions on his or her behalf.

In addition to the added responsibility is the concern you have for your parents’ well-being. They may not be able to meet their own needs anymore, and you will likely worry if they will be okay. Fortunately, there are ways to cope with this kind of situation.

Role Reversal

Finding yourself caring for your parents is a drastic reversal in roles, and it can be disorienting. Know that you don’t have to go through this process alone. Family, friends, and care providers can all lend support and advice on how to help your parents in this difficult time.

Another source of help that shouldn’t be overlooked is your parents themselves. They have a lifetime of experience, and can help you make the right decisions as you consult with them to evaluate their needs.

Dementia and Memory Loss

In some cases, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other forms of memory loss may be the issue, and your parent might not be able to provide needed input.

In these instances, professional assistance can provide you with help caring for your beloved parent. Even if that assistance does not necessarily involve professional care, they can provide needed advice on what to do. Senior Care Centers has memory care facilities available where your parent can live in dignity and comfort.


At the forefront of exploring options with your parents, it is important to strive to preserve as much of their independence as possible. This will help them live with more purpose and fulfillment than if their independence is limited unnecessarily. It will also be helpful to you to be able to see them live happily in a setting where they can be safe and secure.

Through it all, keeping in constant touch with your parents will be vital to preserving a healthy relationship and helping them live well.


It can be difficult to watch a parent go through a drastic change in their lives, whether that is due to physical illness, dementia, or injury. When exploring options for an ailing parent, you need to be sure you get the care they deserve. Senior Care Centers provides carefully individualized care to each of our residents, and we can help you through this difficult process.

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