Post Stroke Rehabilitation


Physiotherapist using reflex hammerIn most cases, a stroke will leave you unable to perform basic tasks, including dressing, bathing, or walking. It’s impossible to be fully prepared for a stroke, but it is possible to recover almost completely from one. In many cases, the brain may compensate for the deficiencies caused by a stroke in unpredictable ways, making remarkable recoveries possible.

What is Post Stroke Rehab?

After a stroke, one must relearn how to do regular everyday tasks, and this is where post stroke rehabilitation comes in. Rehab therapy begins almost immediately after a stroke has occurred, often within two days if the patient is completely stable. The ultimate goal of rehabilitative therapy is to help an individual regain mobility and independence, ultimately restoring their dignity and quality of life.

Methods of Rehabilitation

The way rehabilitation is administered depends on the individual’s specific needs and life circumstances. In many cases, it may be done in the home. In others, prolonged care at a skilled nursing facility may be necessary. Skilled therapists are involved in the process, ensuring that the patient makes as full a recovery as possible.

About 10% of everyone who suffers a stroke will need long-term care, often in a nursing home. Skilled, caring professionals will help them recover and regain as much of their independence as they can.

Rehabilitation Services Offered

Given the way that a stroke affects the brain, any range of impairments may result. The therapy one may receive after a stroke will depend on what parts of the brain were affected, and may include the following:

  • Physical therapy to help regain movement and relearn daily skills
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language pathology (for instances when speaking ability is affected)
  • Nutritional care
  • Cognitive impairment therapy

Ultimately, therapy plans need to be personalized since strokes affect each person individually. This is why Senior Care Centers takes an interdisciplinary approach to post stroke therapy for our residents. This, plus the expertise of our staff and the high-tech equipment we use, allows us to help as many of our residents as possible get back to normal life after a stroke.

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