Senior Care Centers, LLC
Sara McVean Kyle, Ph.D., Catherine Reade, MS, RD., Tawnya Henderson, CRT,
Jana Russell, MTR
The MoveMor™ Lower Body Trainer is an innovative piece of exercise equipment developed by Resistance Dynamics, Inc in Littleton, Colorado.  Previous MoveMor™ Lower Body Trainer  pilot studies have identified positive results in manual muscle testing, Timed Up and Go, and self-reported fear of falling in a clinical physical therapy setting in long-term care and community based residents, but there has not been a study evaluating the effects on mobility, strength, flexibility, or fall reduction in a designated “frail” population.

Can a basic and brief resistance training program using the MoveMor™ Lower Body Trainer help improve mobility, ankle flexibility, reduction of falls, and activities of daily living (ADL) scores.


Residents were recruited from two skilled nursing homes; Lakeside in San Antonio, Texas (n=8) and Cottonwood Creek in Round Rock, Texas (n=5).  The tests and information listed below were collected on resident’s pre and post the 8-week exercise intervention using the MoveMor™ Lower Body Trainer.  The Timed-Up-and-Go Test was the deciding criteria that placed individuals in a “frail” category as determined by time to complete the assessment. Residents who participated in the study were not on a formal physical therapy plan, nor were any other interventions enlisted during study time to decrease fall risk (person or environment) or improve Activities of Daily Living (ADL) score.

Baseline Measurement prior to Session 1 Participation

  1. 8 ft Timed Up and Go (if possible)
  2. Ankle flexibility (goniometer)
  3. Number of falls in past 6 months
  4. Activities of Daily Living Score


Post Study Measurement at Week 8

  1. 8 ft Timed Up and Go (if possible)
  2. Ankle flexibility (goniometer)
  3. Number of falls in last 8 weeks
  4. Activities of Daily Living Score

Exercise Procedures

Take 10 to MoveMor™- 10 exercises, 10 reps, 10 minutes (repeated once or twice with a break in between), 10 weeks (choose to extend if goes well?)

Program Length: 8 weeks

Frequency: Two times per week

Exercises: 10

Address major muscle groups to regain strength, mobility and independence.

Eleven of the 13 residents completed the 8 week exercise intervention using the MoveMor™ Lower Body Trainer.  One resident was discharged from home and another resident rapidly declined after 4 weeks of use and was unable to perform post testing.


* Resident unable to walk with assistance for initial TUG Test

**Declined – residents declined TUG test either stating discomfort day of test, disinterested, or cognitive confusion.


From the results, it is clear that the MoveMor™ Lower Body Trainer has an impact on ankle range of motion as measured in dorsi and plantar flexion movements, potential decrease in fall occurrence during intervention time, and improved or maintained Activities of Daily Living Score.  It should be noted that a neutral (yellow) score in frail older adults is a positive result because of the customary gradual decline associated with aging.