Packing for Vacation for Residents

Senior Couple Relaxing On Train JourneyAs you age, there are certain considerations that should be taken for travel and what to pack, besides the obvious clothing and toiletries. It is wise to make a packing list well in advance so you check items off the list as you do them. Start by making a checklist of items that need to be done before you leave, such as suspending deliveries, arranging for plants, pets and lawn or garden care, pay bills in advance or arrange for advanced payment, inform your credit card and debit card companies of your travel plans and make sure you share your itinerary with your family, friends or neighbor. Make sure you have copies of your subscriptions and if you have any special medical conditions, have your doctor send along documentation should there be an emergency. Also, make copies of your driver’s license, passports, insurance cards, travel documents and/or Medicare cards. Keep a set of the travel documents at home or with a loved one, one in your carry on and one in any other luggage you are carrying. Write down or program any important numbers into your phone before leaving and make sure you leave the same information with your residential facility or loved one along with any contact information for the place you will be traveling to. Make sure that should anything should happen to you, someone you trust has all of your online access details, banking information, extra keys, life insurance and retirement account information, and any and all documentation that might be needed should you be incapacitated in anyway, such as a living will, durable power of attorney, last will & testament, etc. along with any instructions pertaining to your estate.

Be sure to consider the climate you are traveling to when you are going through your clothing options. It is a good idea to check the weather forecast for the duration of your trip where you will be traveling. It is important to be practical when you are packing. Pack as lightly as you can and if possible, try to pack everything in a roll-aboard case, that way you don’t have to wait for the baggage to be unloaded upon arrival. Be sure and pack maps and itineraries with contact information so you are ready to go upon arrival. If you have an opportunity to map out your destination airport or pre-arrange for travel, this is helpful when traveling to an unknown location or a foreign airport. If you need a currency exchange, do that in advance if at all possible and be sure to have small bills for tips. Take two different credit cards and store them in separate locations as a precaution. You can also print out route maps in advance along with any other instructions that you might need to get around your travel destination.

If you have any special medical needs such as oxygen, injections, inhalers or any other consideration, make sure they are travel safe and approved by whatever means you are traveling and in whatever location you are going. It is wise to take a copy of the orders for this equipment and any related prescriptions that might be required. If you are traveling for a long period of time, make sure that you have enough of every prescription to last the duration of the trip; the same goes for vitamins and supplements. If you wear contacts, taking at least one extra set might come in handy and it can’t hurt to take two sets if you have them.

At Senior Care Center, we hope you are able to travel and we will do whatever we can to make sure that you are packed and ready to go, we want you to enjoy your trip and not have to worry about anything while you are away.

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