Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Flying a Kite (Small)Summer is coming with its longer days and warmer temperatures. It’s time to get outside, but for many senior citizens, this can be difficult. It may seem that most outdoor activities require more energy or strength than many older adults possess, but in reality, there are plenty of things for them to do, either with family or in a senior care group. Following are some low-impact outdoor activities that are ideal for senior citizens:

– Outdoor performances: During the spring and summer, most communities have outdoor performances of some kind. Going to an outdoor concert or play is a great way to spend time outside. In some cases, audience members may even be able to participate.

– Picnic: If it’s not too windy out, a picnic can take a mundane indoor lunch outside for a chance to enjoy the warm weather. If those involved are able to cook, then it can be hosted as a potluck. If not, it can still be a great experience, especially if it is coupled with yard games and other outdoor activities. If participants feel like being a bit more formal, a garden party can also work.

– Kite Flying: Flying kites is another great way to spend a summer day, especially if it’s too windy for a picnic or garden party. In addition, it can be fun for more creative individuals to make kites as an outdoor craft activity. Not only is this an easy way to enjoy the outdoors, it can also provide a fun opportunity for grandparents to spend time with their grandchildren.

– Yard Games: There are many games that can be played outside that don’t require a lot of energy or strength. Some of these games include croquet, yard darts, ring toss, lawn bowling, badminton (particularly for those who would otherwise enjoy tennis), and even water balloon toss (if people don’t mind getting a little wet).

– Metal Detecting: A common outdoor hobby for seniors is metal detecting. Metal detectors can be purchased for as little as $50, though there are many highly specialized models available as well. Since it combines the thrill of search and discovery with the pleasantness of the outdoors, this can be a highly engaging way for seniors to enjoy public places such as parks and beaches.

– Fishing: Many seniors are skilled sportsmen and sportswomen, so fishing may be an ideal outdoor option. It is fun by itself or with a group, and it can be a wonderful way to socialize. Afterward, you can have a fish fry and swap fishing stories. However, safety is also important, so it is necessary to have someone on board who knows how to handle the equipment.

These are only a few of the activities that seniors an do outside. Some indoor activities can be brought outside as well to help get some fresh air. At Senior Care Centers, we do everything we can to help our residents enjoy life as much as possible while providing for their daily needs. If you or a loved one is in need of quality assisted living, call us for more information about what we can offer.

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