Needs & Issues For Seniors In Different Regions of Texas

Usually when we talk about the needs of seniors, we do so based on criteria such as age, istock_33845042_mediumtinifiedbackground, living situation, and other such demographics. However, region can also affect what kind of care they might need, even if regional impacts are (generally) relatively minor.

We’ll go through a few of these regions, outlining some of the basic issues, needs, and challenges seniors may face in those areas.

Central Texas

Also known as the Texas Hill Country, Central Texas has rolling hills and bodies of water that make it more humid than other areas in the state. This means respiratory problems may become an issue for seniors as the extra humidity can give rise to higher mold and pollen counts.

The humidity also makes heat-related illnesses more likely during summer, especially for older adults. Climate control in senior care facilities must take these factors into account.

North Texas/Dallas-Fort Worth

Home to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, northern Texas is a heavily populated area, meaning there is generally a greater demand for senior care here than elsewhere in the state. The higher urban population may present financial challenges for seniors as they find themselves unable to either retire or continue working.

West Texas

This area is full of wide open spaces with dry, hot plains, but it also has plenty of outdoors opportunities. The arid climate makes skin care highly important, especially for seniors. Nursing homes and other centers must account for the dryness of the region when it comes to the care they provide as well as the climate they maintain within their facilities.

In addition to the dry climate, the wide distances from one place to another can make getting care a challenge. This means senior care facilities must be plentiful and spread out enough to reach as many people in the area as possible.

Finding Senior Care

Regardless of the region, there are plenty of senior care providers available. Senior Care Centers has many facility locations throughout the state of Texas to assist the older population.

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