Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Senior adults having morning tea togetherAs the baby boomers age, there is a noticeable trend in older Americans wanting to live at home longer. Almost 90% of the population over the age of 65 want to live in their own home for as long as they can. It is thought that staying in familiar surroundings may be beneficial to one’s emotional well-being, but studies indicate that a startling number of older adults are living alone when they should be receiving some daily assistance. It is important to understand that there are serious dangers presented when a senior is living alone. When a senior is struggling with social isolation, medication management, forgetting about medical appointments, unable to keep up with housework, poor nutrition and home safety hazards, it is time to have a heart to heart conversion about how they might improve their quality of life. This is often times a very difficult decision for seniors to make and may require some family involvement. They may not need any assistance at all, but they have become isolated on their own, due lack of involvement with their community and friends or an inability to drive or get out of their home. All of this can lead to depression and this type of isolation and loneliness can actually shorten a person’s life.

If you find yourself in this situation, that you have a loved one that needs help with their daily activities or they have become isolated in their own home and are struggling with loneliness, it is time to start the discussion about alternative living solutions. At Senior Care Centers, we have independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and Alzheimer/Dementia care facilities. All of our facilities have a strong belief in the positive benefits of social interaction. We believe that the gains of social interaction are necessary and we encourage family members to visit, along with community members from the residents’ previous community. We help our residents build relationships with the schools, churches and other organizations in our community also. Part of this commitment to comfortable social interaction is built into our facilities with beautifully decorated and comfortable common areas and courtyards, specifically designed for visitors and family gatherings.

Senior Care Centers offers a Resident Wellness Program called Strive 2 Thrive. We take a four-point holistic approach to this program, which includes the mind, body, spirit and social interaction. Participation in this program automatically gets residents involved other residents, patients, team members and even other visitors. After completing a twelve week study in 2012, it was noted that there was “a positive correlation between the three times a week movement activities and the resident’s ability to maintain and even improve some late loss ADL scores.” The movement activities are designed to create a dynamic social interaction and we believe this has played a significant role in helping our residents not feel so isolated and lonely. If it is time for someone you love to consider making the move to a community lifestyle, call Senior Care Centers today, we are happy to help with this transition.




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