Judy Waffle’s Reflections: SCC Leadership’s 12-Week Wellness Program

Week 7 of the Senior Care Centers leadership team's 12-week wellness program is in the books.

Week 7 of the Senior Care Centers leadership team’s 12-week wellness program is in the books.

For the past several years I have found myself thinking about getting back to an active lifestyle as I sat in front of the television every evening snacking on chips, cookies and cokes. I thought oh well I will get started soon and lose weight and feel better. Well, it did not happen. If you noticed, I said years!

I have heard of some amazing weight loss and healthy improvement stories of our team members throughout Senior Care Centers. When the opportunity to participate in a structured approach to exercise, nutrition and education came up it just seemed like a good idea. So here I am in week seven.

The first few weeks of changing my lifestyle were all about changing my perspective regarding exercising (I do not like to be sweaty) and also about food. I love good food but I am not too keen on cooking. However, through the educational part of this program, I see that nutritional balance, lots of water and the quality of my food intake are all essential to getting results.

I also feel the accountability of the exercise program has been an essential component for me in this process. I believe all of you can find a buddy to exercise with and in this way be held accountable. When you just don’t feel like exercising and your buddy (my co-workers and also my dog Jack) shows up to exercise, you will feel compelled to go as well. A friendly competition between friends is always a great tool to motivate as well.

I encourage all of you to start making healthy changes to your life by reviewing your food choices and by adding exercise to your routine. As a result of starting this process I have found such an increase in stamina and energy it is has really surprised me. I set a goal to lose 20 pounds and tone my body over the 12 weeks of this program, however, even if I don’t reach that goal in 12 weeks I will continue the process because I feel better than I have in a number of years. I am determined to meet my own personal challenge. You can too, so start today.

Judy Waffle

Director of Compliance

Senior Care Centers

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