We are excited to announce the establishment of the Senior Care Academy of Leadership Excellence. Please read below for all the details!


Senior Care Academy of Leadership Excellence
SCALE is a leadership development academy open to management associates employed by Senior Care Centers. Designed to help in the development of strong, effective leadership skills to work within our profession. This program will assist its participants in learning about themselves, working with others & engaging in meaningful action. The VALUES of Senior Care Centers are at the core of SCALE – Integrity, Growth, Respect, Excellence & Wellness.

Program Goals

The Academy will:

  • Equip participants with the knowledge, skills and qualities needed for successful leadership.
  • Furnish participants with knowledge regarding best practices in long term care and reinforce the profession’s quality standards.
  • Build stronger Leaders to guide facility Teams to stronger outcomes and results in quality care, service, regulatory and financial.
Participant Criteria

This program requires a 1 year commitment. Participants must be in good standing with SCC for at least 6 months & if accepted, will be required to sign a “Commitment Letter”, obligating them to at least 2 additional years of service to SCC upon successful graduation from the Academy. Participants must agree to attend and participate in all components of the program to include monthly sessions in Dallas requiring 1 overnight stay per month, a class project and promotion of the Academy to future participants. Graduation from the Academy is determined by active participation in all Academy components and demonstrated commitment to SCALE, Senior Care Centers and our Values as well as personal development.

Academy Sessions

  • SCALE Intro & IGREW Values. This introductory session will kick off the Academy with a leadership overview, provide various definitions, styles and ways to advance. More importantly, this session will also provide an introduction to Senior Care culture and the values that frame the company. Participants will hear from several Executive Team members how the values affect them and the Company.
  • Culture Change. Highlighting the importance of the relationship between Care Giver & Resident, this session will introduce the concept of Culture Change – social v. medical model. Participants will learn about the protocol of evaluating the appropriate process for Culture Change implementation based on their Residents’ needs as well as be given appropriate tools.
  • The Breakthrough Conversation. Providing participants with the tools to handle life’s most difficult and important conversations. Prepare participants for high-stake situations. Transform anger & hurt feelings into powerful dialogue. Make it safe to talk about almost anything. Be persuasive, not abrasive.
  • Team Development. How to develop, motivate and lead your Teams. Outlines a powerful model and actionable steps that can be used to develop key functions of Team (Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability & Results) and build a cohesive, effective Team.
  • Customer Service. Identify customers in our profession & what our role as Leaders is as we develop individualized facility based customer service programs. Focus placed on our #1 customer – our internal Teams.
  • Communication. Learn to communicate through all levels of the Company – peers, direct reports, supervisors, Regional support staff, Dallas/Austin Office Teams. Learn what effective communication is and is not.
  • Strategy Development & Execution. Providing tools to create a vision of desired “future state” with measurable metrics of success, establishing “current state” based on current metrics and how to get from current to future state via strategic development with tactics to execute each strategy.
  • Financial Management. Practical tips on succeeding in the Company. Hear from your peers and from a high level corporate view about metrics that are the most important for enterprise sustainability. Plenty of time for questions and answers for this one.
  • Clinical 101 for Administrators. Empower our operators with enough knowledge to ask the right questions to ensure clinically strong quality outcomes & increase our engagement in quality improvement & assurance process.
Application Process

The class size will be limited to 15 – 20 participants. Participants will apply using the on-line SCALE Application, complete with required recommendations and documentation. Participants can be recommended by SCC Leadership (RVPs, Dallas/Austin Office Teams, etc.) but will still be required to apply. The Leadership Development Committee also serves as Selection Committee with input from the Executive Team & RVPs. For more information and to apply, visit the SCC Intranet under SCALE. Successful completion of the Academy and Class Project will be recognized on the participant’s annual performance evaluation and will also receive a 1% increase in their current annual base salary.

Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders, they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role, it’s about the goal.

Join an elite group of Leaders at the Senior Care Academy of Leadership Excellence & tilt the SCALE of Leadership in your favor!