How to Determine if Your Loved One Is Ready for a Skilled Nursing Facility

If your loved one is in need of additional assistance with daily living, you may be considering a skilled nursing facility. These facilities are designed to help the elderly with daily living tasks while also providing clinical care. They are not quite the same as a nursing home, which focuses on providing a safe place for your loved one without the iStock_000063729971_Large (1)emphasis on medical treatment.

There are a few steps to follow when determining if your loved one is ready for a skilled nursing facility (SNF). They mostly involve being attentive to health issues, daily living difficulties, and current options available.

Health and Emotional State

Recent accidents, chronic illnesses, slow recovery from surgery, and other events can all indicate the possible need for SNF services. Many of these issues can be assessed on your own simply by being observant. If your loved one is looking less than well, is showing signs of dementia, or is not able to perform the tasks they once could, then involving professional help may be in order, especially if these require medical treatment.

Professional Evaluation

Getting a geriatric evaluation can help you get a grasp of you loved one’s needs. This evaluation will assess your loved one’s ability to perform tasks of daily living, such as getting out of bed, eating, getting dressed, bathing, navigating around the house, and so forth. Once any deficits are identified, it will be easier to form plans that are in his or her best interest.

Alternative Options

An inability to meet one’s own daily living needs is not necessarily a sign that skilled nursing care is required. Sometimes, your loved one’s needs may be met by family, friends, and members of the community. There are a variety of in-home services available for senior citizens, some of which are provided by volunteers.

Independent living communities and nursing homes may also be alternatives to a skilled nursing facility. These provide a more independent, community-oriented atmosphere, whereas an SNF tends to have a more clinical feel. These options are good for those who need some looking after but who can still live largely on their own.

Choosing an SNF

If it appears that your loved one needs daily clinical assistance in a skilled nursing facility, then the task becomes finding the right place. Senior Care Centers provides the high quality treatment your loved one deserves, whether that involves help recovering from a recent operation or long-term treatment for chronic conditions. The comfort and independence of our residents is primary, and we can work with you to determine the best options available.

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