How Important Are Vitamins As We Age?

Senior WellnessSo many things in your body start to change as you grow older. You have lifestyle changes, your nutritional needs are different, your sleep habits change, you are more susceptible to certain conditions as you age, and the list goes on and on. There are things you can do that are preventative, such as living a healthy lifestyle, making sure you stay current on all of your check-ups, adjusting your diet, and staying active.Most studies indicate that you can get all the vitamins necessary just by eating the proper types of food that are nutrient rich, but there are situations where those foods may not be readily available and you may need a supplement. Usually taking one multi-vitamin a day will suffice for any deficiency even though, these same studies also indicate that vitamins that we get from foods are far richer than a vitamin supplement.

One of the most noticeable deficiencies as we age is calcium. As we get older, we begin to lose bone density and muscle mass, which is directly related to calcium. Some of this loss is due to a lack of calcium as a young person, not a reduced amount of calcium as we age. Doctors do recommend that adding foods high in calcium and vitamin K will help keep your muscles and bones strong. Having a good dose of vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium so if you do not have the time to be out in the sun, which is a great source of vitamin D, then a vitamin D supplement may need to be taken.

There are vitamins that you can take for your heart, which are the B-vitamins. B-vitamins keep the homocysteine levels down, which can lead to heart disease. Again, most of this comes back to a diet rich in nutrients, eating lean meats, whole grain and lots of fruits and vegetables. Also, foods high in Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are a great addition to your diet. But remember, most all of your nutrients can be absorbed through proper diet, yet a daily multi-vitamin won’t hurt.

At Senior Care Centers, we place a strong emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle and our dining facilities and nutritionists work together to provide meals that are high in nutrients, low fat, luxurious and delicious. We also have a Resident Wellness Program that takes into consideration your overall health and well-being, called Strive 2 Thrive. We work with each individual resident on a plan that is customized to meet all of your wellness needs.

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