House & Senate Committees Named

As we are writing this there are officially 115 days, 5 hours, 45 minutes and 6 seconds left in the legislative session (not that we are counting!).

While the House and Senate have been in session since January 8, the main business is about to start, as the House committee assignments were just announced yesterday (following the Senate committee assignments which were announced last week). The key committees of jurisdiction for our issues are


We have a list of all the members who represent each Senior Care facility so if you are not sure let us know. Also can also find out who represents you individually or as a facility here.

Senate Finance Hearing: Texas Health Care Association Testifies on Medicaid Funding for Texas Nursing Homes

The Senate Finance Committee met yesterday, January 31, to discuss SB 1 (the appropriations bill) and funding for Article II (Health & Human services funding). You can link to the hearing agenda here.
Tim Graves, the Executive Director of the Texas Health Care association testified. The link to the hearing video is below and his part starts at 3 hours, 49 minutes (3:49:20) into the tape and ends at 3 hours 54 minutes (3:54:20). Link to video here.
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