Facility of the Week: Senior Care of Onion Creek


Senior Care of Onion Creek

This week’s facility of the week honor goes to Senior Care of Onion Creek, located just outside of Austin, Texas. Last year, the staff at this beautiful facility successfully transitioned more than 150 patients back home, and we continue to do so with our family of residents today.

Senior Rehabilitation

Our committed staff is passionate about taking care of our residents and helping them get back to optimal health and functionality. Senior Care of Onion Creek provides physical, speech and occupational therapy for our residents and patients. You can actually see progress in motion in our state-of-the-art therapy gym, and nothing excites us more than seeing successful transitions from our facility to their homes.

The doctors, nurses, therapists and caregivers work together to create an individual care plan for personalized treatment. It may only be one therapy such as physical therapy, or multiple therapies working together to help each patient’s needs. The goal is always to improve their quality of life by maximizing their functional independence.

Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care

Residents who have difficulty with daily activities may need assistance with their daily living. Senior Care of Onion Creek is happy to help with that too. Our friendly staff of nurses is experienced, trained and ready to help your loved one.

The staff works hard to make sure each resident feels included and has activities in which they are interested. Within the facility there is never a shortage of social events for the residents to participate. Life in the facility is structured encourage the independence of each resident.

We’re so proud of the staff at Senior Care of Onion Creek for exemplifying everything that we provide at each of our facilities. They’ve helped their residents move forward in progress and continue to provide care from the inside out. To learn more about Senior Care Centers, or to find a facility near you, visit seniorcarecentersltc.com.

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