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Skilled Nursing Facilities in Texas and Louisiana

Being the second largest state in the country, we know it’s important for patients to easily find us in their local community. As the largest provider of skilled nursing care in Texas, our 90+ facilities across the state make it easy to find proper care for you or your loved one no matter what region you’re in.

Central Texas

Central Texas is home to beautiful landscapes, great bodies of water, and over 15 Senior Care Centers locations, making it one of our largest service areas. Austin is home to six skilled nursing facilities offering a variety of services, including Alzheimer’s care at our special Abri Memory Care unit. Outside the city? No worries. We’ve got locations covering everything from traditional long-term care to assisted living in Pflugerville and four more health and rehabilitation facilities in Round Rock, meaning you’re covered across the region. There’s no need to travel to a major city to the north or south – we’ve got all your needs covered right here in Central Texas.

Coastal Bend

For those near the water down in the Coastal Bend, you’ll find a wealth of options for short-term care and lengthier stays. Stretching well over 200 miles, this region covers everywhere from Corpus Christi – home to four of our care centers – to Houston – home to another three. But we’re not just limited to the big cities. We’ve got nursing and rehab facilities in Baytown, a Portland assisted living location, and one of our new TRISUN locations in Sinton. Live in the middle of this big region? No problem – that means you’re probably only 90 minutes away from our closest location!

Dallas Area and North Texas

If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – where Senior Care Centers is headquartered – you’re in luck, as we have over 20 facilities stretching from Gainesville into Frisco, Garland, Rowlett, and even down into Waxahachie. Being our largest service area, you’ll find locations equipped for every need, from senior living communities for those who just need a little help day-to-day to short-term respite programs for caregivers seeking rest & relaxation. Many of our Dallas locations also feature our Abri Memory Care unit, offering specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care for our patients. Whatever your needs are, you’ll find a place to take care of them without leaving Dallas-Fort Worth.

East Texas

From rolling hills to sprawling plains to majestic forests, East Texas has a little bit of everything – including five Senior Care Centers locations. As one of the more spread out regions of Texas, we know residents want facilities close to home so they’re not driving across the state to see a loved one. While Corsicana is home to two of our retirement communities, we also have facilities in Jacksonville and Nacogdoches that provide skilled nursing, hospice, and a variety of other care options. With our reach through East Texas, you’ll sleep well knowing your loved ones aren’t too far away and are getting the exact care they need.

Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle – a part of South Texas made up of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange – is often an under served region. We know this, and it’s why we’ve been making strides to help the community. You’ll find four skilled nursing facilities in the area, with two in Port Arthur and neighboring facilities in Orange and Beaumont. There’s no need to drive inland to find the care you need – whether it’s post-surgery rehabilitation, long-term nursing, or hospice care, you’ll find it in our Golden Triangle facilities.

Heart of Texas

Deep in the Heart of Texas? Then you’re in the right place! Serving residents from Waco down to Copperas Cove, our facilities offer the convenience of being right in your backyard, so your loved ones aren’t a couple hours north or south of you. From our Killeen retirement community to a host of health and rehab facilities across Temple and other cities, they’re the ideal way to care for your family without leave the Heart of our great state.

Hill Country

Stretching across 25 counties, the Hill Country is a large region that we’ve recently been building our presence in. San Antonio, the area’s largest city, holds six locations, with services including 24-hour skilled nursing, respite care, physical therapy, and more. Further out, we’ve got facilities in New Braunfels, Fredericksburg, and Bandera, each offering a variety of general care and rehab services at the exceptional quality level you’ve come to expect from Senior Care Centers. The Hill Country may be a large region, but whatever city you’re in, there’s a location nearby to get your loved ones the care they deserve.

Rio Grande Valley

If you’re way down in the Rio Grande Valley – home to the best grapefruits around – don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! Often an afterthought since it’s so far south, Senior Care Centers operates facilities in Edinburg and Mission, helping you keep loved ones close by instead of a few hours away. Both locations specialize in nursing, rehabilitation, and short and long-term care, giving you peace of mind that your family members are getting the best treatment possible.

West Texas

Think West Texas is all about flat plains and football? Think again – it’s also known as home to eight Senior Care Centers locations! With a region this big, we knew we had to spread out to reach all of our communities. While San Angelo boasts three nursing and senior rehab facilities of its own, we’ve got locations from way up in Lubbock to on the border in El Paso to way back over in Brownwood. All are equipped for shorter stays, like post-hospital recovery and respite care, as well as longer ones, like for those with chronic illnesses or in need of hospice care. And with our reach throughout West Texas, your loved ones will never be too far away, no matter what city you call home.