Dating back to February 2015, Senior Care Centers began introducing a succession of competitive challenges to its employee population, utilizing Fitbit activity trackers to spur them on. These challenges include logging daily nutrition habits, weekly weigh-ins, and logging daily steps totals with the help of the Fitbit device. To date, the operations, information technology, clinical, people strategies, and MBS pharmacy departments have been invited to compete, with more departments, and eventually facilities, to follow suit. Thus far, as a whole, our employees who have participated in one of these challenges, 178 of them, have achieved the following cumulative results:

  • 481 total pounds lost
  • 5.25 average pounds lost per participant
  • 45,319,045 total steps taken
  • 22,659 total miles walked (the equivalent of making an entire trip around the world on foot at the 23.5˚ latitude line, the Tropic of Cancer)