Dallas Senior Care Health and Rehabilitation Center

Wheelchair 2At Dallas Senior Care Health and Rehabilitation Center, we are dedicated to providing excellent individual health and personal care to foster a comfortable living environment for short-term or long-term stays. Located in South Dallas, near Fair Park, we understand our Texas residents’ cultural background and values and provide momentary access to Dallas finest hospitals.

We proudly present a staff that has the specialized training and case study education in which to provide the most effective care for patients with even the most complex medical circumstances. These highly trained staff members will develop an Individual Care Plan for your loved one within the first 72 hours of their stay. With the collaboration of a Quality of Life Specialist, nurse, care team, and most importantly, the patient, we will create a planned course of care to provide the resident with the most pleasant and successful stay possible.

We also offer a voice-activated technology called AccuNurse that gives our knowledgeable staff instant access to the medical needs of our residents. Immediate communication and quick response time will ensure that your loved one is safe and always receiving proper care. A hands-free communication device also cuts back on paperwork, giving our staff ample time to attend to all the medical and personal needs of our residents.

Our Quality of Life Specialist provides administration and medical assistance for our residents and ensures the best care possible for each and every patient. This specialist routinely visits with residents to develop an open conversation about their personal needs and concerns. Our staff strives for each resident to find their place in our Dallas Senior Care Center and is receiving the comprehensive care and support they deserve.

Through our Strive 2 Thrive Resident Wellness Program, we encourage our residents to remain physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially active. This 12-week program caters to all levels of resident functionality and to help maintain the ability to independently complete daily tasks.  We encourage our residents to remain dedicated to their physical health, their preferred hobbies, and to one another. This helps to create a healthy, supportive, and stimulating community for our residents to thrive in.

Dallas Senior Care Center has a group of residents which supports our Resident Council. This council meets weekly to discuss the performance of all departments of our facilities, from housekeeping to social work. They also present ideas for new activities to be added to our lively activity calendar and vote on the “Resident Choice Meal of the Month”. This group has helped to ensure that our facilities are catering to the communal needs and desires of our residents.

At Dallas Senior Care Health and Rehabilitation Center, we offer the individualized commitment and medical capacities to provide the best short-term, long-term, hospice, or respite care possible.

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