It is our policy at Senior Care Centers to conduct Quality of Life Rounds and Interviews involving residents and their families so that those living with us can enjoy the greatest mental, physical, and psychosocial wellbeing possible.

Our Goal

Each resident will have someone special to watch over them, to be a source of comfort and reassurance, and to make them feel at home. Each resident then will be able to make choices and decisions as to the care provided.

What is a Quality of Life Specialist?

Your Quality of Life Specialist is a staff member assigned to provide you and all residents with extra attention and support. We endeavor for the Quality of Life Specialist to visit regularly and:

  • Provide an attentive ear.
  • Share in each resident’s thoughts, memories, and feelings.
  • Foster a nurturing environment that focuses on the individual resident’s quality of life.
  • Give the resident an opportunity to freely discuss their personal needs and concerns.
  • Provide to the family regular updates as to how the resident is adjusting and participating in programs offered.
  • Provide continuity of care delivered in tune with the resident’s ability to make decisions about that care.
  • Visit each resident in the hospital, should they be admitted.
  • Contribute to the care planning process daily, ensuring that all goals are being addressed, with progress toward meeting them.

These daily visits can help the nursing staff to readily identify changes of condition, and trends can be identified that the QA/AI can address as an overall plan for improvement of services.

We hope our residents will be comfortable in their home here and empowered to make changes to better their lives. No one should ever feel alone, and our goal is for each resident to know they will be supported along the way.