Senior Care Centers is committed to providing the highest possible quality of care to one of the most vulnerable of patient populations, those 65 and over. As such, safe use of both prescription and over-the-counter medications is a priority. In fact, a full-time, licensed pharmacist is employed to manage trends in medication utilization and design best practices for safe, effective use of medications in the treatment of both chronic medical conditions and acute changes in health.

"Community health fair providing “brown bag” medication review services in Honey Grove, TX"

“Community health fair providing “brown bag” medication review services in Honey Grove, TX”

Senior Care Centers is affiliated with Texas Tech University’s Health Science Center School of Pharmacy in Dallas. For registered pharmacy student interns in their last year of formal pharmacy education, it provides training experiences through an Advanced Geriatrics Clerkship, and for post-graduate pharmacy residents it provides a unique geriatric experience.

Senior Care Centers also is affiliated with Texas-based Medication Therapy Solutions to provide professional pharmacist consulting services for each facility. A pharmacist reviews the medication regimen for each and every resident in all facilities at least monthly and communicates with physicians and nurses on recommendations to ensure residents’ safe use of medication. MTS also provides to Senior Care Centers’ staff regular training and other professional pharmacy oversight services.