Senior Care Centers has invested in a voice-activated technology that takes our resident care to a new level. AccuNurse™ provides:

  • Instant access to the needs of our residents. Caregivers, wearing lightweight headsets, can hear customized care needs anytime, anywhere. When care needs change, caregivers are instantly notified through their headsets.
  • Recording of loved ones’ activities right away. Caregivers document everything they do through their headsets during their shift. No more paperwork means more time for residents! Want an up-to-the minute report on how your loved one is doing? Just call.
  • A more homelike environment. Caregivers communicate with each other through their headset, which means no overhead paging. We understand the value of a quiet, homelike environment
  • Faster responses to resident requests. When a nurse call is initiated, the request is routed directly to the resident’s assigned caregiver, ensuring a quick response to their needs.

What is AccuNurse™?

AccuNurse™ is a voice-assisted, hands-free documentation and communication system designed to improve accuracy, efficiency, and the quality of care provided by nursing home staff. Nurses and nursing assistants review resident care plans and document care as it takes place by using voice commands and communicating with other staff members.

The benefits include:

  • Voice-assisted and hands-free communication
  • Ability to retrieve information anytime, anywhere
  • Optimal communication of the resident’s plan of care
  • Instant documentation at the point of care vs. the end of a shift
  • Paging function allows immediate help for incidents or emergencies
  • HIPAA enabling ” secure room numbers are used to identify residents
  • Empowerment for staff
  • Accurate nursing reports
  • Alerts to changes in resident condition
  • Positive impact on all skilled nursing staff ” Directors of Nursing, administrators, nurses, assessment coordinators, residents, and families