Choosing Between Independent and Assisted Living Facilities

When it becomes time to place a loved one in a senior care facility, the range of options assisted livingcan be overwhelming. There are different levels of care to choose from ranging from independent living all the way to skilled nursing and hospice care. When making these decisions, the most important factor is obviously the safety and wellbeing of your loved one, but it is also important that you choose the appropriate level of care for their happiness

Independent living at Senior Care Centers most closely resembles your parent or loved one’s “regular” life. Independent living mainly provides one with the option of living a fully independent life, without all of the hassle and worries of a house, lawn, and other stressors. This level of care is best for those who enjoy retirement communities and are searching for a community aspect to their care. While your parent will be living on their own, you can rest assured that they are being looked after which can ease the burden on themselves and on you as their family.

Assisted living still boasts the ability for independent lifestyles, but also provides your parent or loved one with a little more structure and support. Assisted living most often involves schedule and cooked meals, medicine administration, and other assistance with day-to-day tasks. As we age, we often become forgetful and lose the ability to carry out daily functions consistently such as making a balanced meal or following a medication schedule, which is why assisted living is so often the best step for those who have been living on their own but are simply needing that little bit of extra help to be their best. Scheduled activities and exercise in assisted living can help keep your parent on a daily routine that stimulates them both mentally and physically which can help maintain their level of function longer.

At Senior Care Centers, we understand that it is difficult to know just when it is time for your loved one to enter a facility of any kind, and we love to sit down with our future resident and families and go over the different care options. By selecting the best fitting level of care, you can ensure that your parent or loved one remains at their current level for as long as possible and that they are happy and content while being simultaneously being safe and cared for.

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