What Is Independent Living and How Does SCC Administer this Service?

A smiling senior couple sitting on a sofa in a living roomAlso known as retirement homes, senior housing, congregate care housing, or 55+ communities, independent living offers seniors the chance to live freely without the burdens of maintaining a home. The goal is to provide seniors with a safe, friendly environment that still allows them to live life on their own terms. Continue reading


Basketball Injuries – Rehabilitation Support

istock-489563778Just because you’re a bit older doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sports! Many seniors strive to stay active, and basketball is one way to do this. Whether you play for leisure or on a team, shooting some hoops can be a great way to maintain energy and strength in your later years. Continue reading


Why Do Seniors Have a Higher Risk of Developing Complications From the Flu?


sick senior woman blowing nose to paper napkinIt’s well known that the elderly have a harder time fending off diseases, including the flu. The common symptoms of flu (aching, chills, sore throat, headache, runny nose, etc.) may be much worse for seniors, and the disease is more likely to lead to other complications. Continue reading


Post Stroke Rehabilitation


Physiotherapist using reflex hammerIn most cases, a stroke will leave you unable to perform basic tasks, including dressing, bathing, or walking. It’s impossible to be fully prepared for a stroke, but it is possible to recover almost completely from one. In many cases, the brain may compensate for the deficiencies caused by a stroke in unpredictable ways, making remarkable recoveries possible. Continue reading


Needs & Issues For Seniors In Different Regions of Texas

Usually when we talk about the needs of seniors, we do so based on criteria such as age, istock_33845042_mediumtinifiedbackground, living situation, and other such demographics. However, region can also affect what kind of care they might need, even if regional impacts are (generally) relatively minor. Continue reading


5 Ideal Characteristics for Working In a Skilled Nursing Facility

If you’ve ever thought about a career working in a skilled nursing facility, you might istock_21566956_mediumtinifiedwonder if you have what it takes. It’s not easy work, but it is definitely rewarding, and those with the following five characteristics will find that they have found not just a job, but a calling. Continue reading


Tips for Reducing Inflammation

One of the ailments of age is the increase of inflammation, or swelling of tissue in the istock_71092835_largebody. Usually, inflammation is not really a bad thing in and of itself. It results from the body releasing certain substances to fight off infection, and thus is a necessary part of how the body protects itself. However, sometimes the body will release these substances when there is no threat whatsoever. Continue reading


Breakdown of Medicare and Medicaid

For elderly citizens struggling to pay for prolonged medical care, there are government istock_23528216_largeprograms in place that can provide assistance. Medicaid and Medicare help alleviate medical expenses for those who qualify. Continue reading


Seniors Helping Seniors

A well-run senior care facility will provide for every aspect of its residents’ needs, including istock_86311573_medium-2physical, mental, emotional, and social needs. The social aspect of an assisted living or skilled nursing facility is as vital as the quality of medical care, physical safety measures, and nutritional services it provides. Continue reading


3 Risks of Senior Loans

Most seniors today have some severe financial restraints, which make incidents such as injuries, illness, and accidents much more difficult to handle. When something like that occurs, it may be tempting to take a loan to help pay it off. These loans can come in the form of payday loans, mortgages, and other forms of financing.istock_100125529_medium-2

Borrowing money always has its own risks, and that’s certainly true for seniors. Three of the most common risks of loans made to seniors include: Continue reading