Aging Well and Independently

For the vast majority of senior citizens, independence is of utmost importance. Everyone wants to be able to live freely without the assistance of others to perform daily tasks. Sadly, the ability to remain independent can wane considerably as disease, worry, and old age itself take their toll. However, It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are several ways to age well and preserve independence in later years, all of which can be easily done with minimal interference from others.

Two senior women exercising on training machines

Two senior women exercising on training machines

  • Eat well: Diet has a huge impact on your health. Getting the right nutrients through healthy eating will stave off the effects of aging and keep your body running smoothly. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy carbs while reducing sodium and sugar for optimal health.
  • Exercise: Together with diet, staying physically active is key to preserving good health and independence in your later years. Exercise doesn’t need to be strenuous to be effective. It simply needs to be consistent. This will help preserve strength and coordination, which can both prevent injury.
  • Sleep: Poor sleeping habits can negatively impact emotional, mental, and physical health, so getting quality sleep each night is a must. Going to bed in a dark, quiet room without distractions is best for sleeping healthfully.
  • Stay mentally active: Reading, doing crossword puzzles, playing an instrument, and a variety of other activities can keep your mind alert and agile. This prevents much of the cognitive degeneration of old age, such as memory loss and dementia. As with physical exercise, mental activities don’t need to be strenuous, just consistent.
  • Manage medications: Keeping track of medications is key to maintaining your health and independence. In fact, the vast majority of hospitalizations for seniors result from mistakes with their meds. Using a system such as organizing pill boxes or mobile apps can help prevent these mismanagement issues.
  • Stay connected: Keeping in touch with family and friends is easier than ever before through modern technology. Using social media, email, and other apps can help you stay connected with loved ones and prevent the emotional issues that can impact your overall health.

If it is becoming more difficult for you or a loved one to live independently, Senior Care Centers can help. We provide high quality care and resources to seniors, including independent living communities for those seeking a secure, vibrant place where they can continue live life on their own terms. We value the independence of our residents, and we will do everything possible to preserve it while providing the best care available.


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