Adjusting to Their New Home for The Holidays

Moving your loved one to a Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living facility is tough – a role reversal that is impossible to prepare for, yet necessary for their continued health and well being. The holiday season makes this transition even more difficult, and that’s why the staff at Senior Care Centers goes the extra mile to make your loved one’s experience as smooth and uplifting as possible during the holiday season.

To help residents feel at home during their first holiday with us, our staff coordinates a variety of activities that provide new experiences and traditions for your loved one. The goal is to encourage residents to interact with others, build relationships and feel a new sense of community that treasures them like family.

By caring from the inside out, we aim to not only preserve the memories of the past, but to also create new memories with our residents while they’re with us. For some seniors, this may take a little more motivation to get them out there. However, with your encouragement and our care, they can do it.

Contact your loved one’s Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living facility to find out what days they will be hosting events and activities this holiday season.

If you have any questions about our services or what we do to help your loved one transition, feel free to contact Senior Care Centers, or send us a comment below

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