AccuNurse: Less Busy Work, More Care

Our skilled nursing staff at Senior Care Centers is committed to meeting the needs of our residents at all times. It’s this type of commitment that makes our residents feel at home. Although we’re responsible for keeping track of a large number of residents, we can still meet this commitment thanks to new healthcare technology.

Any skilled nursing professional will tell you that, in order to efficiently provide quality patient care, maintaining up-to-date patient records is critical at all times. Unfortunately, administrative duties such as this can require an excessive amount of a staff member’s time that should otherwise be used attending to patient needs.

Thanks to AccuNurse, these time consuming administrative duties are no longer an issue for the skilled nurses at Senior Care Centers. Hands-free charting allows us to spend more time performing hands-on care for your loved one. Instead of running back and forth from patient room to kiosk and back, we can focus our time to being present in the room with your loved one.

AccuNurse also provides reminders for our nurses to distribute medication to patients on schedule, so you can relax knowing your loved one is receiving their medication at the right time, every day. This technology also benefits your loved one in the event of a critical care situation. AccuNurse allows our staff to call for assistance without ever leaving your loved one’s side.

Emerging technology is just one aspect of how Senior Care Centers enhances the quality of life for our residents. Care for our residents is totally inclusive with AccuNurse. We’re able to care for our patients from the outside in, and spend more time with them to care from the inside out. Interested in learning more about how we use AccuNurse and other technologies? Visit us online, or feel free to ask us a question in the below comments!

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