AccuNurse & How Senior Care Centers Utilizes AccuNurse

AccunurseAccuNurse is the newest technological advancement in voice activated Activities of Daily Living (ADL) documentation in the health care industry. According to Wikipedia, “Activities of daily living is a term used in healthcare to refer to daily ‘self care’ activities within an individual'[s place of residence, in outdoor environments or both”.ADL is used as a measuring tool to establish the amount of normal day to day functions a person is able to perform independently. This is becoming a widely used term and tool in the elderly and disabled communities. Healthcare providers are able to document a patient’s ADL in an effort to better measure any changes or decline in a patient’s ADLs that may or may not require changes to their health protocol, medication, or on hands care and attention. This has become an especially valuable tool in assisted living residences and long term care facilities.

At Senior Care Centers, we have made the investment in AccuNurse, allowing our skilled nursing staff to better serve our residents and have the most current and up to date technology allowing us to provide superior care. Utilizing this type of technology provides our caregivers the most current and up to the minute information available on each patient. When our patients are admitted, our staff builds an ADL profile / care plan for each individual patient. Our caregivers are able to verbally document all patient activities and vital statistics in seconds through a hands-free head set which goes directly to a Registered Nurse (RN) that is experienced in long term care.

Not only does AccuNurse eliminate tedious and sometimes inaccurate charting, it eliminates long transitions during shift changes when caregivers are typically trying to share information gathered during previous shifts to the incoming shift. In case of an emergency, our caregivers do not have to leave our patient to find help; it is easily communicated through our head phones to our onsite skilled nursing staff. AccuNurse helps our staff identify any changes in our patients condition, if this occurs, it communicates this to all clinicians through the automated care plan updates, along with giving our staff instant access to the documentation and care of our patient. With the Care Alert system in place, it immediately notifies the staff of any immediate emergency intervention which may be required. Voice cues help our caregivers document everything from weight changes, dietary specifications, to accidents such as falling.

At Senior Care Centers, our goal to make the patient’s transition from home to alternative health care as seamless and comforting as possible, with AccuNurse we are able to do so. It removes the “hospital” feel and allows the patient to feel more at home, while allowing our staff to spend more time with the patient and meeting the patients’ needs as opposed to spending so much time charting and transitioning between shifts. With the hands-free head set, our staff can multi-task and eliminate the paging system which are distracting to our patients. The AccuNurse unit is HIPAA approved, using our patients private and secure room number as the identifier. At Senior Care Centers, we pay attention to every last detail to make our patients our priority and AccuNurse allows us to do this.

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