AARP – New Blood Test May Predict Alzheimer’s, Dementia Risk

Alz blood test

In an article written by Candy Sagon for AARP, it appears a simple blood test that a researcher says could be a “game changer” in accurately predicting whether older adults will develop dementia could also raise a painful dilemma: With no effective treatment for Alzheimer’s, how useful is a test that shows you’re at high risk of developing an incurable disease?

The experimental test, developed by researchers at six universities, was 90 percent accurate at predicting whether adults age 70 and older would develop either mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s within two to three years. The study was published online Sunday in the journal Nature Medicine.

The test measures the levels of 10 lipids, or fats, in the bloodstream. Low levels signal a person is likely to suffer cognitive impairment, said researchers with Georgetown University, one of the medical centers involved in the research.

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